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Life ceases to be an adventure when we’ve lost all sense of basic control.  After nearly not surviving the twin roller coasters found in the financial markets post-2008 financial crises (Rollingstone's "Secrets and Lies  of the Bailout" comes to mind); and the clean energy markets post-2014 oil price plummet (sometimes shale sucks), I find in the end that we are all weak, but Love is strong.


Spirit Journey

Life is a spiritual journey.  Lessons are for the soul... and not every businsess partner and friend you meet along the way is someone you can ultimately count on or trust, sadly.  My friends and family are my greatest treasure; and my sole purpose has been to learn (and relearn again!) the beauty of forgiveness and unconditional love.  My current journey through the high mountain pass of life is difficult in ways I never imagined and beautiful in places I still can hardly believe.  If you've spent any quality time on the trail with me, you know I dig passion, loyalty, and never-give-up attitude.  I hope and pray each of our tomorrows dawns brighter than the last.  Always believe.

Research Analysis

I provide senior research analysis for a number of clean green market sectors.  I receive far more personal requests for time and work then I can support; however I am always open to reviewing a request.  Contact me below to learn more.

Music & Art

My private collection of 33+ personally recorded music albums has been a lifeline in the midst of a long and tumultuous journey.  You may not easily find a direct reference or link to my art here, as I publish under a nom de guerre.  Clues are out there however, if you're dedicated to finding out more.


The mountains life has placed in my path have not all been welcome sights.  Like so many things in life, when faced with seemingly impossible odds, we can either turn back, or trek onward.  The lessons learned as an entrepreneur alone are enough to fill a small library.  I am currently authoring a book of my memoirs on the subject; however please don't hold your breath for a rapid release date... 2022?  I'll keep you posted.


After living a very private life for the better part of four decades, the stars aligned and here you find me, swimming (naked) in the social ocean, to be sure.  Launch and view any social media in a new window for your viewing pleasure by clicking on the images below.

Social Media


If social media had a darling, this would be mine.  It's far from perfect, but until Google calls me to help them improve it, it'll have to suffice.  Besides, knowing Google cares warms the cockles of my heart.

Twitter / IsaacVoss


Just getting warmed up here... honestly, speaking my mind is something typically best done in the privacy of my own home... but if Trump can win an election with Twitter, it deserves a chance.

Social Photo Adventures


I've dreamt about the day I actually find the time to broadcast a small subsection of the many interesting images I see both here, and worldwide.  A picture is worth...

Homemade Movies


Immenent launch of cool content in the pipeline here...  Subscribe early and receive our content hot off the reel.


Branding & Art

Branding is an art, made better with a little science sauce.  Being unique without missing the point entirely is not easily done in the noisy digital culture we live in.  I develop and license brands, curate strategy, and enable carefully crafted in-house (and collaborative) art & message production and media.

Music & Media

Full set of writing services with optional following transfer of copyright for all scripted media including print, audio, video and next generation collaborative works, including full business media content and media messaging production.

Business Ventures

Providing high level strategy for early and mid-stage companies, I am at home assisting vessels bravely facing the open seas of business.  With a PhD in the School of Life & Hard Knocks, I understand well the rollercoaster ride that small businesses undergo (barf bag ready, please) in pursuit of a business dream. 

Sleep & Dreaming

Professional studies have shown that authors, artists, musicians and creators do better when they get proper sleep.  ...And aren't we all called to create something, after all?  Even love is easier when we've gotten our proper rest.  (Plus dreaming is good for you and especially so when lucid.)


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