Ever been let down?  I know I have let others down.  And as a businessman in the capital markets I certainly experienced broken promises from more than one team member or investment banker who promised “amazing things!” and failed to deliver through the years.



Life ceases to be an adventure when we’ve lost all sense of basic control.  After nearly not surviving the twin roller coasters found in the financial markets pre-2008 financial crises (thanks for nothing secondary mortgage market middlemen!); and the clean energy markets pre-2015 oil-price crises (sometimes shale sucks), I find in the end that we are all weak, but Love is strong.


72 hours after Black Friday

The belief earlier held by many (including myself for decades in my youth) that if we are more diligent, harder working, and more persistent than the best of our peers, then we are somehow invincible and unable to fail is (alas!), but a mere mirage.



The idea put forward in pop(ular?) culture that the best type of blessing or gift we can give or receive is financial and/or material in nature, is out-of-focus on real LOVE.



Loved in my youth and always by my dear family, and called as a musician (at the tender age of ten), I too lost focus.



After the rise, bust and restoration that was our marriage in the start of the first decade of the new century, I walked away from the temple of my youth and my musical journey with the Ancient One, and determined business pursuits were a necessary good.



It was easy to fall in love with the idea of blessing people financially by creating successful companies.



Pursuing material business success became consuming; while music and art (and sometimes important people in my life) were left out of a zero-sum game.


Countless Great Friends

In both my successes and my failures, countless friends and family I count precious have been graceful and loving to me all my days, and I am eternally thankful to them and to the Ancient One, that beautiful Author of love.​​​​​​​

Glory Where Due

A personal epitaph for my tombstone (if written today):

​​​​​​​For two decades I sought the glory of mine and man in business pursuits, and in losing mine and theirs, I found His.


But let it first be said that he was the most wonderful husband and father his children could ever want.  And he loved each and every one of them with a heart as big as a giant box of candy bars.

Creator of Love

The Ancient of Days always gets his ways.  We are alive to love.  In the sum of the equation, Love wins.  No contest.  The more I love my wife and children, and those souls around me – even in journeys where it doesn’t look like anything is going in my favor – the more I love the Creator of them all.


As with Zerrubabel, the foundation was laid many years ago, and today the rebuilding of the temple continues.  In January 2015, shortly after a man I counted as a dear friend died to suicide, I began to experience a drenching latter rain in my life; coinciding with a complete breakdown of much of my fledgling business empire, and a rebirth of music in my heart and soul at a new volume level.

What more can I say?  Walking in love with the Ancient of Days is freedom.  Today, with control no mean feat of a combatant, my expression of love is seen in three profoundly different creative disciplines; see Boatswain's notice below.



I am a musical and graphic artist, and I live to love and bless the Creator and all of creation (which means you!) through my art. 

That he who Blesseth himself in the earth shall bless himself in the God of truth; and he that sweareth in the earth shall swear by the God of truth.  ~ Isaiah 65:16


I am a member of the spiritual expression of the new kingdom of the Ancient of Days, bought and paid for by the Almighty God of Love, and I live therein to love and serve.

Love one another, as I have loved you. ~ Yahshua ha Mashiah (recorded by eyewitness and apostle John, 13:34)


I am a business strategist executing in my discipline diligently daily (Sabbath days notwithstanding) both as a strategic guide and active member working to help “right the ship” of seaworthy business vessels and shipwrecked crews.  As a surviving sailor of harrowing business tides, I offer my prose acerbic and salacious of all that private equity and related capital fields will regurgitate and swallow.

Warning: NOT for the faint of heart.

  • But the Master sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea, so that the ship was like to be broken.  ~ Ancient Hebrew Scriptures, Jonah 1:4​​​​​​​