While Facebook may represent the futtocks of the old guard online social construct, I still labor under the intense impression that I hardly have time to read anything more then I already consume...

I have however determined – coinciding with the supermoon of November 2016 – to wade into the social media sea for the first time in forty years... (OK, I did establish a basic Google+ account in mid-2015, but you can see I only posted but a few times in the first 18 months.)  (P.S. OK. Full confession.  I also established a Twitter account in mid-2009 [ ] knowing I may tweet in the digital era at some point in time... after 7+ years it appears such a day has arrived.)

So, without futher ado, please explore to your heart's content.  Join me.  Follow me.  Laugh with me (or at me!) and perhaps learn, stretch, grow, and even cry with me.  I have sailed the open seas, been shipwrecked without hope, experienced loyalty (hello James) and mutiny (hello Moshe) of trusted crew, and even been thrown overboard (a fish tale for another time)... and only by the grace of the almighty Ancient One have I survived to this day to tell the story.  Given the inescapble interest in all things me (both by those who adore me and those who have oft spread rumors of my premature death), I now embrace the sea of (most) all that is media; both minute, and meteorific.

Let's sail together a bit, shall we?


Social Media


If social media had a darling, this would be mine.  It's far from perfect, but until Google calls me to help them improve it, it'll have to suffice.  Besides, knowing Google cares warms the cockles of my heart.

Social Collections


Yes, I have a lifelong collection of cool images, quotes, diagrams and storyboards.  No, I haven’t loaded them all onto Pinterest yet… but I’m getting started here now.

Twitter / IsaacVoss


Just getting warmed up here... honestly, speaking my mind is something typically best done in the privacy of my own home... but if Trump can win an election with Twitter, it deserves a chance.

Social Blogging


Tabific tablature at its best.  Just the thought of all the terrifically cool content for browsing and sharing sets my mind a tumble... As soon as I find time to fix the error message I receive when I try to personalize my profile...

Social Photo Adventures


I've dreamt about the day I actually find the time to broadcast a small subsection of the many interesting images I see both here, and worldwide.  A picture is worth...



So you want to see my photos

Get access to my photostream by following me on at least 4 of my social media sites... send me an email notifying me and I'll crack open the album for you.

Homemade Movies


Immenent launch of cool content in the pipeline here... Subscribe early and receive our content hot off the reel...


Social News Aggregation


Just getting to know Reddit; As a research analyst at heart, I do a tremendous amount of reading on a broad series of niche interesting topics... lots of sharing to come.


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